Sport Orbit

Logotype, Brand Identity

The project "Sport Orbit through 26 Villages" aims to introduce a new sports approach, Sport Orbit, to benefit children and adolescents (n=50) in rural areas facing socio-economic challenges. These individuals lack opportunities for regular sports activities. The Sport Orbit Program combines various sports experiences, including individual, team, water, artistic, and family sports. The initiative addresses barriers like poverty and social exclusion. The project also includes a professional training course for local policymakers and sports staff to enhance managerial and interpersonal competencies. The target area is the Municipal Unit of Stavroupoli in Northern Greece, comprising 26 villages with limited sports programs and low socio-economic backgrounds. The project aims to bridge this gap by implementing diverse sports activities and providing professional training to empower the local community.
We were tasked with developing the brand identity for the program and providing art direction for print and social media. Our strategy involved creating a bold identity that encompasses the various sports and activities offered by the program, along with a sporty aesthetic to resonate with the young participants. The symbol incorporates the cyclical movement of an orbit as its core, with the 'S' designed to reflect the dynamics of the Sport Orbit program. For the logotype, a bold, slanted typography was chosen to maintain the dynamic feel of the logo. In terms of color, a striking fluo green and a deep blue were selected to enhance the impact of the communication material.
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