Crafting visual solutions for all industries and sizes
Who we are
SEMITONE is an Athens (GR) based design studio specializing in research-driven creative solutions and a comprehensive, function-focused approach. Our expertise lies in crafting visual communication solutions for clients of all sizes and industries, seamlessly integrating strategic business thinking with innovative design. We align your business goals and needs with our design principles to develop impactful, future-proof and high aesthetic solutions that stand out across all digital and physical platforms.
Making impactful design accessible
In today’s fast-paced society and highly competitive market, image adds value to brands by elevating their brand-awareness and products. Regardless of your company’s size or your project needs, we invite you to a comprehensive discussion to address your specific project requirements. We present a concise proposal tailored to your needs, including clear outlines of project timelines and budgetary details for custom design solutions. We also welcome the opportunity to engage in a discussion tailored to your specific budget and requirements, aiming to reach a mutually beneficial solution.
Areas of work
Branding & visual identity — Brand development & strategy — Brand communication —  Web design — Editorial design — Packaging design — Motion graphics — Illustration —  Art Direction
We are happy to work with everyone
Individual Projects
If you have a singular need for a project (e.g. poster, menu, animation etc), we are more than excited to provide a creative solution for you.

Startup Businesses & Professionals
By providing budget-friendly solutions, we help startup businesses stand out in a competitive market, speed up product development, and create unique brand stories.
Small to Medium Enterprises
For small and medium enterprises, we transform their values and unique qualities into functional, impactful brand identities, ensuring a strong presence across multiple channels.
Established Companies
For large-scale established companies, we streamline the rebranding process and support digital transformation, boosting brand awareness and ensuring cost-effective communication strategies.
Advertising Agencies and other Creatives
We are open to collaborate with advertising and creative agencies, providing our expertise in creating visual communication solutions for their clients’ needs.  Collaboration, proffesionalism and confidentiality are parts of SEMITONE’s DNA.