SDS Monotone

Type Design

SDS Monotone is SEMITONE’s first ever typeface! It's an experiment in typography and font-making, but also a great way to appreciate the type design journey and the labor that comes with it.
It is a typeface with a monospace attitude, a sans serif charm, in a playful, digital spirit. Focusing on the typeface's character, we wanted to achieve an "old-school p.c." vibe with a warmer and more friendly character. We decided to use squarish curves and curved corners, with no over-undershoots and to use the same height to our uppercase and ascenders. Its generous x-height allows for typesetting at small sizes, while enhancing the typeface's legibility.
So far, there are 3 weights (Light, Regular and Bold) and language-wise it supports English and Greek. Go to our Behance page to download SDS Monotone and have some fun with it!
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