SDS BlkDis

Type Design

In the vibrant world of creativity and cultural expression, unexpected combinations often lead to the most fascinating outcomes. Summer heat in the city of Athens, open-air movie theaters and the captivating allure of Sci-Fi and B-movie aesthetics, created the need for a display font which would express all those characteristics.
SDS BlkDis, is a display font with bold and dynamic letter forms inspired by the Athenian quirky and brutal cement-building cityscape, with a fiery personality inspired by B-movies. We focused on achieving balance between each letter's design and layout situations, without sacrificing legibility. The combination of lower and uppercase letters adds to the funky and unlawful (typography-wise) character of the font, while maintaining clean forms for a retro-technological look & feel. Strictly applied on a 10x10 grid, fixed radius for corners and curves, and its monospaced nature makes a block of text an interesting visual by itself.
65 glyphs of SDS BlkDis will set the mood and add a touch of quirky authenticity to posters, titles, credits and many more of your "cult" graphic design applications. Download it and have some fun! Your extraterrestrial friends will love this!
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