merlot mystique

Logotype, Brand Identity, Packaging, Conceptual work

Merlot Mystique, a wine of rare and beguiling essence, captures the mystical enchantment of moon-kissed vineyards nestled within the Boetia area. Born from the elusive Merlot grape, it pays homage to the region's profound history and terroir. Beneath the silvery glow of the night, the winery carefully selects its grapes, harnessing the cool, whispering breeze to intensify the symphony of scents and flavors, guiding the delicate alchemy of fermentation.
The mystique of this hallowed land, the valley's shadowed nocturnal vigils, and the profound crimson hue, redolent of both vanilla and chocolate, provide the inspiration for a palette awash in silver-black tones and an elegantly dark vessel. This Rhone-shaped bottle, shrouded in obsidian allure, stands as a testament to the enigma of this place. Its silver-print typography, an ode to the moon, dances upon the ebony glass canvas, reminiscent of the inky Boeotian night sky.
In crafting this exquisite wine, we chose a typographic treatment, harmonizing with the bottle's form, to elevate the entire packaging into an exquisite ode to the mystic realm of Merlot Mystique.
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