Conkreta logotype embossed in concrete.
Logotype, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Stationary System, Web Design, Conceptual work
A concrete manufacturer based in Crete.
The name “Conkrēta” is derived from the Esperanto word “konkreta” meaning concrete. It also serves as a descriptor of the business’ location; Crete (Creta).
Concrete is a durable and reliable material that acts as the foundation of most modern buildings. In order to convey that, we chose black and white as the primary color palette and tones of black as secondary. This represents concrete both visually and conceptually. The color palette is dominant throughout every visual element of the identity, from flat graphics to photographs. That level of consistency describes concrete perfectly, while also reinforcing a solid visual identity.
We relied on typography to convey an image of both reliability and technical expertise. Manrope for headings - big text and IBM Plex Mono for body text synergize to communicate the brand’s character.
Conkreta stationery system adorned with the illustrations, typoraphy and layout of the brand. It includes an envelope, folder, business cards, letterhead and a custom designed invitation.
Conkreta concrete mixer truck with the company's logotype.
A white container with the Conkreta logotype, slogan and website.
The bagged cement range includes four different products; Grey, R Grey, High Strength and White cement. Following the color palette of the brand, the entire range features black and white, reinforcing the visual identity. Illustrated patterns, as well as different backgrounds and tones were used to distinguish each product.
The back label features micro-typographic treatment in conjunction with icons and pictograms to organize and clearly convey vital information about the product.
Concreta grey cement packaging design. Three bags of concrete, one shows the front label design featuring the title, pattern and logo. The second shows the back label, which contains a table of data and graphics. The third shows the side view which also contains the logo, title and pattern.
Concreta cement packaging range which includes grey, R grey, high strength and white cement. All four packages show their front label. The two first are white and contain grey cement. The third one is black and contains high strength cement. The third is made of kraft paper and contains white cement. All packages feature the brand patterns, logo and title.
The identity finds application to the website, in order to communicate the brand’s image as a trustworthy and reliable concrete manufacturer. In addition, the website serves as the most important tool to present information about the different types of cement. To serve both needs, a clean, minimal website was chosen as the solution.
Conkreta website design on a tablet, showing the homepage hero section.
Conkreta responsive website showcased on a tablet and two mobile devices.
Conkreta website on a tablet, in the page that showcases the product characteristics through a matrix.
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