Logotype Design, Brand Identity, Web Design
AleGio, founded by two sisters, Alexandra and Georgia, represents the continuation of their father's 45-year experience in designing and crafting molds for the majority of workshops within the Greek jewelry sector. 
Infused with inspiration drawn from the Greek landscapes and history, AleGio specializes in crafting distinctive and lively jewelry pieces that resonate with individuals of all ages and fashion preferences.
We were entrusted with rebranding / art-direction and establishing the brand's digital presence. We opted for an earthy color palette to harmonize with AleGio's vibrant character and creations, while employing a lightweight and minimalist typography to evoke modernity and elegance. When developing the website, our primary focus was on optimizing performance and ensuring a seamless user experience. We incorporated the essence of AleGio's brand philosophy into every aspect, enhancing the presentation of their creations through pristine product and lifestyle photography.
Photography: Pournaras Fotios

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